Features on Dashboard

Reporting dashboard with bar graphs for job sites, inspections, issues, assets and failures by section


View completed inspections, issues (open and resolved) and create new inspections

  • Form builder lets user add meta-data to flag questions as fail conditions and if it’s required or not.
  • Form builder also lets user mark entire sections as required or not, so inspectors can skip no applicable sections
Safety Checklists

Protect yourself from liability by having supervisors regularly performing their safety checklists. With iNSPKTR, creating and performing these checklists is a breeze, and you automatically get the audit trail to meet compliance standards.

Observation Reports

Sometimes you just want to collect site conditions, like weather conditions, to include in a monthly status report. Or maybe you want to ensure that safety structures are in place to protect the public and your workers. Maybe you subcontract out landscaping or cleanup, and want to ensure vendors are being effective and timely. Observation reports help you keep your site operating smoothly.


You need a list of assets that are going to require inspection. But why not gather even more information, like an assets actual location. Or how about attaching a target date by which a rented piece of equipment needs to be returned? Or a target date on which an asset needs to be inspected? Managing your assets gives you more control.

Features on Mobile App

  • Select asset, review issues related to asset, start inspection on an asset
  • When a question on inspection is marked as failure, easily add related inspection issue for follow up
  • Execute a safety checklist
  • Execute an observation report
  • Add new assets, marked as pending
  • Create new Corrective Actions
  • Review outstanding Inspection Issues and Corrective Actions
  • Works online and offline, auto-syncs when connection re-established
  • Take pictures and attach to inspections, issues, corrective actions, observation reports
  • Take freehand notes, saved as image, on observation report
  • Notification of overdue assets (overdue for inspection, overdue for rental return)
  • Notification of outstanding corrective actions and inspection issues
Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Ensure inspections and safety checklists are being completed
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Save Time

Save Time

No unnecessary data re-entry, data immediately available on dashboard
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Save Money

Save Money

Reduce equipment downtime, schedule asset retirement, manage your vendors
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